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Mixing color combinations

Mixing color combinations

Posted In: 10 April, 2020

Ever wonder which color combinations go together or how they might look in your room?

Painting Interior Rooms: Mixing Color Combinations

Here are a few ideas on color combinations to consider:

  • All reds go together; as do all pinks. There are complementary shades of red and pink that work together for a rich and vibrant-looking living area or bedroom.
  • Soft oranges can feel really warm.  Darker orange colors should be used in moderation, they are best used in larger spaces. 
  • For a darker color combination: brown looks great with orange.  Also, turquoise and cool grays are complementary colors to orange.
  • Yellows go well with greens and oranges.  For an upbeat and fresh look, blues and yellows (complementary colors) make a classic interior  combination. 
  • Lighter greens are soothing. Darker greens go well with dark stained woodwork. Green can be used as a neutral shade.
  • All blues and greens go together as long as you stay within the same sheen depth.
  • With 32 years of  painting practice , we can help you choose the perfect colors for your house or commercial project!