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We provide quality service and workmanship. Our customers find our rates reasonable, our service timely, and our work quality and attention to detail superior.

Our Services

What We Can Do for you!

Interior Painting


You won’t find better interior painters than us! We are neat clean and have amazing attention to detail. Painting is about prep work and doing it right. We know the all the right steps to a great paint job and we don’t take shortcuts. You will be glad that you called us to paint your interior. If you’re looking for professional painting services, were are the ones you want.

Exterior Painting


Let Lang’s Painting handle all of your exterior painting needs!

Exterior Painting Services

  • Refinish Aluminum Siding
  • Power Washing
  • Porch, Deck and Concrete Refinishing
  • Applying Solid Color Stain
  • Replace Damaged or Rotten Wood
  • Reglaze Window Frames



The “SECRET” to an Excellent Exterior Paint Job

A clean and sound surface is paramount before exterior painting. New paint or stain cannot properly adhere to dirt or loose paint. That is why we power wash and treat surfaces for removal of dirt and mold in all our exterior jobs. After the exterior surfaces dry out, we scrape any loose or peeling paint, caulk any loose or failed areas which are in need of re-caulking, and if you’d like, replace rotten wood siding or do repairs. We then spot primed with the appropriate primers. Finally, we apply the top coat which could be a solid color stain or paint. We can also paint your gutters and downspouts to match your soffits and fascia trim. Experienced with color schemes, we can help you choose the colors to match the style and era of your home or increase your home’s curb appeal by using the latest color schemes.

“I wanted to take a moment to tell you that you have an excellent young man on your staff … He’s the kind of young man I’d want working for me.  He did an excellent job and showed great care in doing it.  A very personable guy as well.”
~ Rev. Dennis Skiles


“I made the mistake of hiring a “low-bid” painting contractor to paint the interior of my home. After that fiasco, I hired Lang’s Painting to paint the exterior… what a difference in the job quality! When you want a high-quality paint job, do what I’ll do from now on… hire Lang’s painting!”
~ B. Radcliffe, Ann Arbor

Wallpaper Installation & Removal in Ann Arbor


Turn your walls into a work of art!
Lang’s Painting has wallpaper installers that can hang a variety of wall coverings. From paperbacked or fabric-backed vinyls to non-wovens, borders.grasscloth, murals and other designer patterns, we hang both residential and commercial wall coverings. Jump on the latest trend to spice up your home with some wallpaper or a wall mural! Some folks are doing whole rooms; others just an accent wall.

Wall Covering Removal

Let Lang’s Painting remove worn-out, tired wallpaper in a neat and timely manner. Our professionals will remove all glue and clean all walls and ceilings. The room is then ready for finishing.

Commercial Wall Coverings

We hang Type I, Type II and Type III Commercial Goods.
If you have the material, we can also repair damaged panels and attempt to put down loose seams or wall coverings. A half day minimum is charged for this type of repair work
Would you like to explore the world of wallpaper? We’ve included some links for your convenience.  

  • Thibaut
  • Graham & Brown
  • Murals your way
  • Seabrook
  • Brewster Wallcovering
  • American Blinds and Wallpaper
  • Bradbury & Bradbury

Wallpaper is available for viewing and purchase in Ann Arbor at Sherwin Williams, Delux Drapery & Shade. Wallpaper can also be purchased online.

Faux Finishing in Ann Arbor, Michigan

We offer a custom design service to create a unique look for your style and taste.
Color Washing – we layer semi-transparent colors to achieve an overall design that’s unique.

Crackle and Aging Techniques – add character to your space with faux aging and crackle techniques. Our painters can give your paint or wallpaper a gently aged patina, or give your color delicate cracks that suggest years of wear. This technique will instantly create a comfortable timeworn appearance to your space.


Ragging and Sponging – We can give you can give three-dimensional depth to your flat walls with these faux painting techniques. We put layer upon layer of rich color or glaze on your surfaces, bringing out their full “WOW” potential, and adding the complex artistry of texture to your surroundings.

Property Preparation For Resales

Want to sell your home quicker? Let us help you clean it up with fresh paint and /or refinishing of your hardwood floors. We can repaint your whole house, a few rooms or a few walls.


Does your floor need a full sand and refinish or just a wash, screen and re coat? Studies show that fresh paint and floor refinishing pay off when it comes to selling your home.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

To minimize the disruption to your household, we’ve perfected and streamlined a system to paint your walls and sand & refinish your floors at the same time.


Color Consultation

Overwhelmed with all the color choices you have? Need help with coordinating colors?


Lang’s Painting is now offering professional color consultation for your painting project.


Doug Lang, the company president, has extensive training in color theory and 31 plus years experience in making colors work in our customers’ homes.


Whether it’s a powder room, master bedroom suite, the foyer or the dining room, we can pull all the rooms together with the right color combinations. We can help you match your paint with your furnishings, wall coverings, drapes etc.


If you’re not quite sure of which color to choose, we recommend the use of sample boards. For the cost of the sample paint, will be happy to make up sample boards for you to see a larger image of the paint colors you’ve chosen. This often gives our customers the peace of mind that they’ve made the right color choices, or re-adjust them if need be. We use both Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams Paints.

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