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Lang’s Painting has wallpaper installers that can hang a variety of wall coverings. From paper backed or fabric-backed vinyls to non-wovens, borders.grasscloth, murals and other designer patterns, we hang both residential and commercial wall coverings. Jump on the latest trend to spice up your home with some wallpaper or a wall mural! Some folks are doing whole rooms; others just an accent wall. 

Wall Covering Removal & Repairs

Let Lang’s Painting remove worn-out, tired wallpaper in a neat and timely manner. Our professionals will remove all glue and clean all walls and ceilings. The room is then ready for finishing.

Repairs-If you have the material, we can also repair damaged panels and attempt to put down loose seams or wall coverings. A half day minimum is charged for this type of repair work.

Commercial Wall Coverings

We Hang Type I, Type II Commercial Goods.

If you have a business or are a institutional or educational establishment, we hang commercial  wallcoverings. 

Wall Covering Removal & Repairs

Wallpaper books are available for viewing in Ann Arbor at the Sherwin Williams on Jackson Road and Washtenaw Ave.  Wallpaper can also be purchased online. If you’re on a budget, and your willing to hunt around online a bit, you may find something you like on a closeout sale.  The price ranges of different wall coverings can sometimes be staggering, so don’t be afraid to look around. I you want real wallpaper, you may want to stay away from the peel and stick, it is made for rental units and requires   

We listed the names of a few of the finer brands for you  browsing pleasure.  Some are very exotic and pricey but still fun to look at even if they are out of your price range.  More expensive wallpapers generally cost more to install. 

  • Graham & Brown
  • Murals your way
  • Brewster Wallcovering
  • Cole & sons
  • Schumacher
  • Bradbury & Bradbury
  • Phillip Jeffries
  • Online retailers like etsy, home depot and amazon often have deals on some select patterns or closeouts 

A caveat: To ensure that you  have enough wallpaper for your job and our wallpaper installer can finish the job in a timely manner, please consult our experienced wallpaper installer about the exact amount before ordering your wallpaper. Online calculators and salespeople often don’t take into account pattern matches and waste associated with installing wallcoverings. The biggest mistake consumers make when ordering wallcoverings, is they generally don’t order enough wallpaper.  Call Lang’s Painting for your wallpaper installation services and wallpaper hanger! We are members of the Wallcovering installer Association

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