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Exterior Painting

Let Lang’s Painting handle all of your exterior painting needs.
Our Ann Arbor MI Exterior Painting Services

  • refinish aluminum siding
  • power washing
  • Porch, deck and concrete refinishing
  • applying solid color stain
  • replace damaged or rotten wood
  • reglaze window frames.


With more than 30 years of experience, Lang’s Painting are the exterior painting contractors that you can trust. Serving Ann Arbor and the surrounding communities, we pride ourselves on our experience, professionalism, integrity and plethora of exterior painting services. 

Be it residential or commercial exterior painting, an exterior painting contractor has painting knowledge that is different from an interior painting contractor. A professional exterior painting contractor has the experience and knowledge of treating, prepping and painting the different types of sidings that are subject year round to the extremes of temperatures and ever changing elements of our Michigan weather. Lang’s Painting has exterior painting contractors with such knowledge! From the years of experience, we also have the ability to offer many exterior painting services to complete your exterior job.

The “secret” to an excellent exterior paint job


A clean and sound surface is paramount before exterior painting. New paint or stain cannot properly adhere to dirt or loose paint. That is why we power wash and treat surfaces for removal of dirt and mold in all our exterior jobs. After the exterior surfaces dry out, we scrape any loose or peeling paint, caulk any loose or failed areas which are in need of re-caulking, and if you’d like, replace rotten wood siding or do repairs. We then spot primed with the appropriate primers. Finally, we apply the top coat which could be a solid color stain or paint. We can also paint your gutters and downspouts to match your soffits and fascia trim. Experienced with color schemes, we can help you choose the colors to match the style and era of your home or increase your home’s curb appeal by using the latest color schemes.

We stand by our work. For exterior painting contractors with extensive painting services, call Lang’s Painting today for a quote!