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Interior Painting

Ann Arbor Painters

Interior painting services completed in Ann Arbor, MIThe “secret” to good-looking and long-lasting interior walls:


Anyone can throw paint on the walls and claim to have experience in painting walls. A bona fide interior painting contractor however, actually cares how the finished walls look. The walls should look fabulous!

And what does it take to get great looking surfaces? An interior painter contractor knows the “secret”.  The secret is the proper preparation of the surfaces before painting. Having provided interior painting services in Ann Arbor and surrounding communities since 1990, we have observed that it only takes one incident of hiring a painter who did not properly prepare the walls, cover floors and furnishings or tape to create immediate messes and future re-painting challenges. New paint will not stay on top of the peeling painting from a bad paint job. We have the experience of being hired from homeowners to fix the painting mistakes of their original painters.
We pride ourselves as the interior painter contractors who would take the time and materials to tape baseboards, door and window casings to create a straight-line demarcation between trim and walls of different colors.


Interior Painting


  • Proper preparation of surfaces and rooms
  • Almost “dustless” sanding system…we sand walls with sanders attached to a vacuum or we vacuum immediately after sanding to physically cut down on dust as much as possible
  • We paint all cabinets, trim, crown moldings, walls, ceilings with the right type of paint
  • Mildew problems? Water damage? Soot or fire-damaged walls? We have the experience and knowledge to help
  • We can handle your drywall, plaster and popcorn-texture repairs
  • Need odorless paint? Environmental concerns? We have the products for folks with chemical sensitivities or environmental concerns
  • Expert on latest painting trends, colors, products and techniques
  • Licensed and insured-we carry both workman’s compensation and liability insurance
  • We are an EPA lead- safe certified firm
  • We use Benjamin Moore and Sherwin William paint products


You Deserve The Best!

Our prospective employees undergo pre-employment background checks. Employees undergo regular, ongoing trade, and safety training. Besides painting, careful attention is always given to surface preparation as well as the protection of furnishings and possessions while working in your home.

Satisfied and Repeat Customers

Our painters are committed to your satisfaction with our work. We realize that in a service-oriented business, our only job security comes from satisfied and repeat customers who would refer us to their relatives, friends, and co-workers.

Since, 1990, we are the interior painting contractors providing a plethora of interior painting services to
Ann Arbor and surrounding communities. Call Lang’s Painting today for a quote!