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Hardwood Floors

Refinishing hard wood floors in Ann Arbor, MI

Want a little color on your floors?

Want a little color on your floors?

It's an extra step, but if you'd like a little color on your floors, we would be happy to stain them for you before applying clear coat finish coats.

Do you have boards that need repair?

Do you have boards that need repair?

Do you have a few water-damaged or rotten boards? You've come to the right place! We can replace and/or repair damaged boards before doing a full sand and refinish.

Do your floors & walls need a refresh?

Do your floors & walls need a refresh?

Often a homeowner will move furniture out of a room to have the floors refinished, only to find that the walls need a fresh coat of paint.

With the room emptied, this is an optimal time to refinish the floors and paint the walls at the same time. Lang's Painting will have your floors and walls looking new in no time!

Hardwood Floor

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Services Ann arbor


Sanding and refinishing hardwood floors

Things to do before we can begin the work:

  • The room/s have been completely emptied by the owner
  • For full sand and refinish jobs, we need to have access to a 220-volt outlet (usually the plug outlets for ovens and dryers) to run our sanding equipment. If you do not have one, an electrician can install a temporary or permanent outlet for you
  • Remove shoe molding. Our large edging equipment will inevitably tear into it. As an additional quote, we can remove and replace with new shoe molding. Existing shoe molding often break during removal. We can replace the existing shoe molding at your risk.  if it breaks or is no long useable we can replace it at your cost. 


People often ask what the best floor finish is, unfortunately there is no simple answer.

There are several different systems. I am listing some of the characteristics below.

 Oil modified urethane

This is the most common floor finishing systems in use today.  Sanding and preparing the floor for finish is mostly the same for both oil based and waterborne finishes.  They vary in cost, durability and drying and curing times and they look slightly is different.

  • Oil base finishes generally cost a good deal less than a 2-part waterborne finishes.
  • Most often we use a satin finish.
  • However, oil based floor coatings take a much longer time to dry and cure. It takes about two weeks for an oil base polyurethane to cure. That means you have to wait longer before you can walk on the surface and putting the furniture back in the room
  • If we are using a stain, we apply it first then we apply 2 topcoats of a satin Polyurethane. We abrade it in between coats for good adhesion

Two component waterborne system

  • 2-part waterborne finish dries much quicker and harder than a traditional oil base coating. The waterborne finish has a catalyst which makes the finish tougher, dries faster and cure quicker. They are often used in both residential and commercial settings.
  • They are some of the best-looking finishes overall.
  • Many reach a 90% cure rate after 24-48 hours. Faster curing times means quicker access to the floor.
  • 2 coats of a two-component waterborne finish are generally applied over a sealer or a stain.

A word about stains:  there are lots of color combinations to choose from.  But the most timeless ones are using a natural color. A natural finish hides dirt and debris better than using a color. The darker the stain color used, the more it shows off dust bunnies or debris on it.  Wood has its own natural beauty, and often look best with a finish that shows it off. 

Also, staining requires a bit more work, so the labor costs will be higher.  But we are happy to do whatever you choose.

Screen and recoat or Basic Coatings TyKote system

Not all floors need a full sand and refinish. Sometimes a screening and recoating suffice. A screen and recoat will revitalize and refresh the appearance of hardwood floors.  However, screening and recoating will not remove deep scratches/dents in the floor.

Polyurethane coatings get old and worn out. To refresh the look, the floor often just need a maintence coat.  We have two methods to do this.

One, we can screen and recoat the floor-this is the process of sanding the floor with a 150-grit screen or sandpaper and then top coating with a coat of high-end finish. 

A second way we do this is using the Tykote refinishing system. It is a great way to prepare commercial, residential, and sports wood floors for recoating. All dust, mess, and equipment associated with screening are eliminated when using Tykote┬«. Applied in a liquid state, Tykote┬« acts as an intermediate bonding layer between the existing floor and the new topcoat. First, we wash the floor with our Dirt Dragon which is an auto scrubber for deep cleaning hardwood floors.  We clean the floors with 2 different cleaning solutions, let it dry, put down the bonding agent, again, let it dry and put on a topcoat.

Note: Acrylic waxes, polishes and cleaners can make simple recoats prone to failure.  We don’t guarantee recoats as we don’t know what was previously used to clean the floor. will spot test for acrylic on the floor,    

The Tykote system is also an excellent choice for prefinished floors with aluminum oxide finishes. Such floors are notoriously difficult to finish. We no longer do full re-sand and finish jobs on these types of floors.  If the floors are in good enough shape, we will use the Tykote system only.

If you are looking for something different in a floor finish, consider either a craft oil from Bona (hard wax oils.

Hard Wax Oils:

As the name suggests, hard wax oils are made up of naturally produced 0% VOC organic hard wax oils- making these finishes one of the most environmentally friendly options for hardwood floors. Zero VOC means no volatile organic compounds that contribute to interior air pollution and can combine with nitrogen oxides to form ground level ozone. The oils can be derived from many natural sources such as linseed or Carnauba Palm trees. This finish gives a matte look to a floor. There is no sheen build like traditional urethane floor finishes.

Hard wax oils are 1 coat finish which comes in clear coat as well as various color options.  Ideal for medium to high foot traffic areas such as living rooms, restaurants, and office floors. Hard wax products are typically very user friendly, and simple to maintain and re-fresh.  Rather than a surface build, these types of finishes react with the cell structure of the wood itself, rather than creating a plastic urethane film over the surface.  Popular brands: Rubio Monocoat 2C, Bona Craft Oil, Pallmann Magic Oil 2K. 




Hardwood Floor

Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Deep Cleaning Services for Laminate and Hardwood Floors


Are your once-beautiful hardwood or laminate floors dull and lifeless? Hardwood/laminate floors need maintenance. Hardwood floors are beautiful but they take beatings every day. Ground-in dirt is the norm for most floors. And that is what degrades the finish on the floors. All hardwood floors should be swept or vacuumed at least weekly. They should be deep cleaned at least every 6 months also. With the Dirt Dragon, we can spruce up the beauty of your floors with deep cleaning The Dirt Dragon is a machine specifically designed to clean hardwood floors.