How Long Does an exterior paint job last?

Q: The exterior of my home was painted about 7 years ago. How long is an exterior paint job supposed to last?

A: The length of time an exterior paint job will last depends on many factors. For example, age and quality of the substrate, as well as the type of paint used. However, here are some guidelines. If the substrate is in good condition and has received high quality surface preparation and painting work as part of all previous paint jobs, you can expect a paint job to last anywhere from 5-8 years. Generally speaking, the length will depend on how much wear and tear it undergoes–the longer it’s exposed to the outdoor elements, for example, the faster it will deteriorate. If there have been any concerns with previous paint jobs, we’ll conduct a more thorough inspection before starting a new one. Although exterior paint can start to look worn in general after this amount of time (surface becomes dull/paint starts to delaminate/paint starts to separate from substrate), there are measures you can take to prolong this timeframe by spraying sealants over your home every two or three years.

If your home or business had received a bad paint job, give us a call about maintenance painting. We can send one of our painters out for an estimate to do some repair and touch up work on the surface.