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Hardwood floor care

Hardwood floor care

Posted In: 28 April, 2020

How to keep your Hardwood Floors looking  good 

We highly recommend the use of either Bona or basic coatings hardwood floor cleaner.  As an acceptable alternative, you can also use 1/4 cup of white vinegar to a gallon of water.

  • Vacuum or sweep floors first.
  • When using any solution to clean floors, mist onto the floor or the bottom of a microfiber mop. never leave puddles of water or any cleaning solution on your hardwood floors. 
  • Never use no-wax floor products on your hardwood floors!  These and self-polishing acrylic waxes cause your floors to be slippery, dull quickly and make it impossible to refinishing your floors without removing the wax/cleaner. 
  • Never use wax on a polyurethane finish.
  • Felt pads are recommended underneath to prevent scratches-Hey can be found at any big box stores.
  • Area rugs are recommended in high-traffic area and entrance doors.  This will help protect you floors.  Caution: some floor discoloring will take place in areas with direct sunlight.  Therefore, areas rugs should be moved occasionally, and windows facing the sun should have drapes/binds.
  • Dog owners will need to keep their pets’ nails clipped. Floors are easily scratched.  Unfortunately, there are no polyurethane finishes that will not scratch-especially with larger dogs. 
  • Moisture barrier pads or trivets/stands should be used under potted plants, even if they are in sealed or leak proof containers.  Condensation can build up underneath these containers, causing damage to the floor. 
  •  Avoid walking on you floors with cleats, or high heels.  A women walking in high heels can exert an impact of 2,000 pound per square inch.  This kind of impact can badly damage the floor surface.